2010 June 11: WI Rothschild: COMMENTS on Letter to Rothschild Board

2010 June 11: WI Rothschild: COMMENTS on Letter to Rothschild Board
scb825 wrote:

Anyone who is concerned for the health of their children would live in close proximity of the proposed site.It would stand to reason that you could be concerned for the value of your propery and be concerned for the health of your child. Our village ordinance reads: "No building shall be permitted to be sited in a manner which would unnecessarily destroy or substantially damage the beauty of the area, particullarly insofar as it would adversely affect values incident to ownership of land in the area or which would unnecessarily have an adverse effect on the beauty and general enjoyment of existing structures on adjoining properties."The Master Plan for the village reads:"Any further expansion of existing industrial uses located adjacent to residential areas should be closely reviewed and development standards should be adhered in order to limit any negative impacts on the establishied residential areas."All the numbers are there and they are not good.Any child attending DCE is at risk
6/11/2010 8:08:27 PM


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ahnalie wrote:
Mr hughs primary concern is the health of his 18 month daughter and rightly so Health is the major issue for objecting to this plant not just our health but everyone health in the village are our main concern wish you could return this concern and at least investigate for yourself instead of taking everythng domtar and we electric say as fact
6/11/2010 4:12:32 PM
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