2010 March 31: WI Town of Maine (near Wausau): UPDATE: Spark caused Town of Maine fire

2010 March 31: WI Town of Maine (near Wausau): UPDATE: Spark caused Town of Maine fire

Posted: Mar 31, 2010 10:21 AM CDT

by Colby Robertson
TOWN OF MAINE (WAOW) — The fire danger remains very high across the viewing area and with the strong winds firefighters ask that you be careful disposing of ashes from outdoor wood burners.
Crews were called to a home in the Town of Maine around 9:30 this morning. DNR Forestry Supervisor Mike Lietz says the landowner discovered fire escaped from the outdoor wood boiler into his adjacent woodpile.
Lietz says, "We’re having a lot of problems with these outdoor wood boilers this year. Even from a spark coming out of the chimney. If they don’t have a proper spark arrester or also from ash disposal."
He says, "People all winter long have been disposing the ash in the snow pile or someplace that is relatively safe. Now it’s so dry those places are burning and the little sparks even two weeks later will come out of the pile and start the grass and woods on fire."
Firefighters from the Hamburg Fire Department and the Town of Maine Fire Department responded along with the DNR.
Lietz says, "We have really strong winds today and the fire danger is at very high right now. We’ve canceled all our burning permits, so there’s no debris burning allowed."
Online Reporter: Colby Robertson
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