2010 April 27: WI: DNR Outdoor Wood Boiler Web Pages Now Available: RAWSEP View: Don’t burn wood, period.

2010 April 27: WI: DNR Outdoor Wood Boiler Web Pages Now Available: RAWSEP View: Don’t burn wood, period.

Posted on April 27, 2010 by david.liebl
By Autumn E. Sabo, DNR Air Program
If one of your warm weather projects is installing an outdoor wood boiler, check out DNR’s new outdoor wood boiler web pages http://dnr.wi.gov/air/OWBs/index.htm for advice on how to limit health risks and neighborhood complaints.
Outdoor wood boilers, a type of hydronic heater, look like small sheds with a smokestack. They heat water, or a water-antifreeze mix, that is piped into homes or other structures for hot water or space heating. The basic design of an outdoor wood boiler encourages a slow, cooler fire to maximize the amount of heat transferred from the fire to the water. However, slow, cooler fires burn inefficiently and create more smoke than hotter fires. Wood smoke contains a variety of pollutants that can affect nearby residents.
There are several ways to reduce negative impacts of outdoor wood boilers. Some local governments have ordinances that restrict or prohibt the use of outdoor wood boilers so anyone thinking about purchasing one should check with local government officials first. The emissions levels from different models of outdoor wood boilers vary. Models with EPA’s white hangtag are approximately 90% cleaner than unqualified units. Appropriate siting and proper burn practices are also methods for limiting problems associated with outdoor wood boilers.
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