2010 March 27: WI Rothschild (Wausau area): COMMENTS on Rothschild biomass plant opponents fear ‘monster’ pollution source

2010 March 27: WI Rothschild (Wausau area): COMMENTS on

Rothschild biomass plant opponents fear ‘monster’ pollution source

WE Energies wood-fired power plant proposal
beehonest50 wrote:

Fact from WE Energies: particulate matter goes from 20 tons per year to 46 tons per year

37 tons of the particulate matter increase will be 2.5 in size, google PM2.5 and asthma, then google PM2.5 and children

Fact From WE Energies: Sulfur Dioxide goes from 1.4 tons per year to 5 tons per year. (this is the stuff that smells unpleasant)

Fact from Domtar: Domtar will save 8 million a year in energy costs, but have "near neutral" job loss

Fact from WE Energies: WE Energies will get about $80 million back from the federal government.

Fact for the people of Rothschild: We will live with this, the health problems, and there is no turning back!

Be educated, think long term, think of the school kids across the street!

contact the public service commission: kenneth.rineer@wisconsin.gov

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edbdqt wrote:
Replying to jeskeu:

i think its a good idea with the loss of so many job in the area and a reduction in polution is a bonous the trucks hauling and bying fuel also a reductin in electric bills would be nice

Would there really be a reduction in heating bills? Maybe I’m being cynical, but I doubt that assertion. We get notices 15-20 times a year (at least) to shut lights off due to peak usage.

150 is a decent turnout in the context of other political type meetings, but it really needs to be greater. Those halls need to be more clogged than the plant opponents think the air’s going to be before leaders take them seriously.

I found this interesting quote from http://www.energyjustice.net/biomass/:
"Plants that start off burning "clean wood chips" can easily turn to burning more contaminated fuels (which may be cheaper or even free), or get paid to take really dirty wastes like trash or tires"

That’d scare me. Once the plant gets approval, the citizen would have no input to prevent this.
3/26/2010 12:02:46 PM

sigmagirl wrote:
Replying to ChristinaJ:

I love that only 150 people turned out.

Are you kidding me? ONLY 150 people? Didn’t the spring elections forum that had all the candidates at it have only a handful of people there? Kudos to the people who attended for learning the real effects of the biomass plant and not blindly agreeing with the massive corporation, paid public relations hacks, and lobby firm being paid to go door to door to push their propoganda.

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