2010 March 10 & 11: WI Milwaukee: COMMENTS on WI had worst air quality in Nation on March 10, 2010‏

2010 March 10 & 11: WI Milwaukee: COMMENTS on WI had worst air quality in Nation on March 10, 2010‏

DodgeCountyMar 11, 2010 8:10 AM

Nothing to see here, folks. Light a tire on
fire and move along.

  • Power plants are not the problem. It is vehicles and wood burning. Is the WDNR going to do anything about them?
  • Has anyone considered the fact that there are many more people burning wood and wood pellets to heat there home? Three of my close neighbors burn wood so no matter which way the wind is coming from the air outside stinks like smoke.
    Another issue we have in Horicon, WI which is in Dodge County is the Wisconsin Southern trains in town. They use old junker engines to move cars around. Thes engines I’m sure are not operating correctly because a good part of the town smells like diesel exhaust when they are operating them.
    I am not an expert on air quality but all this can not be healthy for the air quality.

    534864Mar 11, 2010 12:59 PM

    The wood burning and junk train engines are a REAL GOOD point….WHY can the railroad get away with that…I’ve seen those railroad engines BILLOWING clouds of blue smoke…Whats up with allowing THAT?
    Filthy air is not just harmful to certain at-risk groups. It is harmful to everybody including all political persuasions, all the various opinion groups, the lobbyists, the wood and leaf burners, the car drivers, the smug, the snarky. I have lung cancer. I did not get it because of my politics, religion or race. I do not smoke. I was a runner. I was young. If you think air quality is not a factor in public health, you are simply wrong.
    I’ve often said that outlawing and or curtailing the use of "backyard" firepits, would greatly inhance air quality in the neighborhoods themselves…….On & on, I could go, but no one is lisrening.
  • The alert now runs through the end of Thursday. In most Wisconsin
  • raybdMar 10, 2010 11:38 AM

    Since there are some 70 counties in Wisconsin, it would be easier and interesting to list the counties that are not under the advisory.
  • James RowenMar 10, 2010 10:25 AM

    Now that substantial parts of the state are in the fourth straight day of
    these alerts – – and they come in all seasons – – isn’t it time for a serious
    examination of the state’s air quality and its consequences?
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