2010 March 9: WI Salem: Salem board bans outdoor, wood-burning furnaces on suburban lots

2010 March 9: WI Salem: Salem board bans outdoor, wood-burning furnaces on suburban lots


SALEM — The Salem Town Board voted Monday to ban outdoor wood-burning furnaces on small, suburban lots.
Board members voted unanimously to approve the ordinance, which will prohibit the installation of the wood-burning furnaces on lots smaller than 15,000 square feet. The ordinance will not affect homeowners who already have the furnaces in place. It also allows the units on larger properties.


Chairman Linda Valentine said she had suggested the town create the ordinance based on problems in neighboring communities, where some residents have complained that smoke from the furnaces is a nuisance.
“It came up because Pleasant Prairie and Wheatland both had big problems with these,” Valentine said.
Based on comments from the audience, the board did drop one proposed provision of the ordinance which called for yearly inspections of the units by the fire department.
Residents in the audience complained that a yearly inspection is not required on standard furnaces in homes, or on wood-burning fireplaces in homes, and should not be necessary for the outdoor furnaces. Board members agreed, and opted to strike that provision.
The board voted 4-0 to approve the ordinance. Supervisor Patrick O’Connell was absent.

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