2010 Feb. 21: WI Milwaukee: Particulate Air Quality Alert: Don’t burn wood

2010 Feb. 21: WI Milwaukee: Particulate Air Quality Alert: Don’t burn wood

Air Quality Advisory for Particle Pollution (Orange)

The Wisconsin DNR has issued an Air Quality Advisory for Particle Pollution (Orange) effective 11:09 AM Sunday, February 21, 2010 through 10:00 PM Sunday, February 21, 2010 for Milwaukee county. [Daily Air Quality Hotline – 1-866-324-5924 (1-866-DAILY AIR)]

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101 S. Webster Street • PO Box 7921 • Madison, Wisconsin 53707-7921 • 608-266-2621  

Air Quality Alert issued February 21 at 8:46AM CST

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Feb 21,2010
Posted By: weatherman   Private Message »
Website: http://www.weather.gov/al​erts-beta/wwacapget.php?x=WI2010​0221144600MKXAirQualityAlertMKX20100222040000WI
Notes: Air quality advisory issued for milwaukee county… the wisconsin department of natural resources has issued an air quality advisory for fine particulate which will remain in effect until 10 pm tonight. this advisory affects the people living in the county of milwaukee. the air quality index is expected to remain at an unhealthy level

Groups: weather alert
Areas: Milwaukee
Certainty: Unknown
Effectivetime: Feb 21, 8:46:00 AM
Id: WI20100221144600MKXAirQualityAlertMKX20100222040000WI
Severity: Unknown
Status: Actual
Type: Alert
Urgency: Unknown

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