2009 Dec. 19: Click here to ask your Senators to vote YES for a strong clean energy and climate bill.

2009 Dec. 18: DC: Contact information for your Senators across the U.S. to urge support for Senate Climate Bill


Moments ago, President Obama reached an agreement with world leaders at the climate conference in Copenhagen to limit global warming to no more than 2 degrees Celsius and to require countries to list their national actions and commitments to achieving emission reduction goals.

EDF President Fred Krupp issued the following statement in response:

Today’s agreement leaves the U.S. in control of its own destiny. We have always known that the path to a clean energy economy goes through Washington, D.C. As President Obama said today, strong action on climate change is in America’s national interest.

It’s the Senate’s turn to speak next. Whether we move ahead with a common-sense plan to create new manufacturing jobs in the U.S. and reduce dependence on foreign oil is not up to other countries; it’s up to us. A year from now we can be further ahead or further behind, and the Senate will make the difference.

Today’s agreement takes the first important steps toward true transparency and accountability in an international climate agreement. The sooner the U.S. speaks through Senate legislation, the sooner we can set the terms of engagement for talks to come.

There is much work to be done. But, if it wasn’t already clear, it is now: The 21st century will be a clean energy century.

The question before us is what role will America play in developing the technologies and clean energy solutions in the coming decades?

It’s up to us to urge our Senators to follow the leadership of President Obama and seize this opportunity to cap our carbon emissions, create millions of jobs and unleash our clean energy future.

You can do two things right now to help:

  1. Go to our Operation: Climate Vote hub page to find various ways to take action.
  2. Make a Year-End donation to help give us the resources we’ll need to continue the fight in Washington and get us over the goal line.

Thanks for your activism and support,
Environmental Defense Fund

President Obama has just wrapped up a press conference here announcing that a meaningful climate deal has been reached. While there is still much work to be done, the deal reached is a breakthrough for international climate cooperation and provides a path forward towards a binding global treaty in 2010.

Significantly, the United States and China will – for the first time – both be at the table, working to tackle the historic challenge of global climate change. Additionally, the deal allows for more transparency, as developed and developing countries have now agreed to list their national actions and commitments regarding greenhouse gas reductions.

We applaud President Obama for his leadership in helping to reach this important step toward a meaningful agreement.

But moving forward, it is now more important than ever the U.S. Senate act swiftly to pass comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation that creates new jobs, makes America more energy independent and reduces global warming pollution. Will you contact your Senators today and urge them to support the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act? 

Click here to ask your Senators to vote YES for a strong clean energy and climate bill.

We know that following these international negotiations, the chorus of climate science deniers and oil industry-funded special interest groups will only grow louder as they ramp up their efforts to block clean energy reform. We can’t afford to let their inevitable attacks and distortions go unanswered. Will you add your voice today? 

Send a message right away to your Senators asking for them to support legislation that creates clean energy jobs and limits harmful carbon pollution.

The Copenhagen climate talks bring to a close a year in which more has been done to curb global warming pollution – both at home and abroad – than ever before. Now, we need to capitalize on this momentum heading into the New Year. We have come so far, and can’t let up now. Please, send a message to your Senators today, then spread the word.


Gene Karpinski
League of Conservation Voters

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