2009 Dec. 18: New Source Performance Standards for New Residential Wood Heaters, for more information http://rawsep.spaces.live.com

EPA documents on the upcoming New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) for new residential wood heaters, which covers all solid-fuel heating devices from fireplaces to OWBs.  EPA sent these out November 3, 2009, to a select list of state and federal staff, and industry groups and mfg. reps. 

This is a significant step for EPA in regulating residential wood smoke, which contributes an estimated ¼ to 1/3 of all PM2.5 in ambient air in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  The data for 2005-2008 is still being analyzed for PM2.5 contributions, and they expect residential wood smoke to have increased substantially during that time. 
The NSPS can take years before it results in regulations.  However, this may be put on the fast track because of all the pressure from states for EPA to set federal standards to help with CAA compliance.
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