2009 Dec. 4: TAKE ACTION: Tell EPA: No Tire or Waste Burning in Unregulated Incinerators

2009 Dec. 4: TAKE ACTION: Tell EPA: No Tire or Waste Burning in Unregulated Incinerators
TAKE ACTION: Tell EPA: No Tire or Waste Burning in Unregulated

The Environmental Protection Agency is considering a Bush-era
initiative that would allow tens of thousands of incinerators at
industrial facilities to burn tires, scrap plastics, spent
solvents, used oil and other wastes without meeting the
protective Clean Air Act requirements. The EPA needs to hear
from you on why our communities must be protected from
unregulated waste burning!

Among other things, the rule would exempt waste burners from
siting regulations for incinerators. This would mean that any
new facility -- or any one of more than 100,000 existing units
across the country -- could start burning tires or other wastes
across the street from an elementary school without going
through siting analysis or even informing members of the public
about the new source of toxic pollution to which their children
would be exposed.

Public health and the environment deserve full protection from
toxic waste incineration in our communities. Please tell the EPA
that this loophole needs to be closed!


TAKE ACTION: Tell EPA: No Tire or Waste Burning in Unregulated



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