2009 Nov. 9: WI: Independent DNR head, Gov. Doyle indicated veto in future: Don’t let Gov. Doyle break his promise for an Independent WI DNR head

Last Friday morning we were very happy to report that AB 138 – the bill to restore the independent DNR Secretary – had passed both houses of the state legislature! Since this is the first time this legislation has made it all the way to the Governor’s desk, there was cause to celebrate this huge victory!

Unfortunately, the celebration was short-lived. At a press conference on Friday afternoon (less than 12 hours after the Assembly adjourned), Governor Doyle strongly indicated that he plans to veto the bill. In response to a question asking if he’d veto the bill, he said:

"Everybody knows how I feel about that bill. I guess I’m just not ready to announce it, but it shouldn’t come as any surprise to anybody."

Actually, Governor, your threats to veto this wildly popular bill DO come as a surprise to us! For 14 years Governor Doyle vocally supported an independent DNR Secretary- when he was Attorney General, when he ran for Governor, AND when he ran for RE-election as Governor. It wasn’t until the bill seemed poised to make it to his desk that Governor Doyle changed his mind. 

Right now is Governor Doyle’s one opportunity to make good on his promise and avoid tarnishing his legacy. And, right now is your last opportunity to remind him that he made a promise to voters. 

We may have only days to send our message. Make your call RIGHT NOW (608-266-1212). Ask the Governor to make good on his promise and sign AB 138 into law. Then, send the email below. Don’t forget to personalize it with your reasons why you support an independent DNR secretary

Deadline for responding: Please take action by Friday, November 13, 2009.

See website of WI League of Conservation Voters to email

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