2009 Nov. 5: WI: Independent DNR bill changed by WI State Senate, bill must now go back to WI State Assembly for approval of change

Nov 5, 7:10 PM EST

Wis. Senate tweaks DNR sec bill, sends to Assembly


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MADISON, Wis. (AP) — State senators want to have the final say on who will be the secretary of the Department of Natural Resources.

The Senate passed a bill Thursday that will give the Natural Resources Board, and not the governor, the power to appoint the secretary. The Senate would then have to confirm the choice.

Supporters say the move would take politics out of conservation decisions. Critics point out the governor still appoints the board.

The Assembly passed the bill in September but their version did not call for Senate confirmation of the board’s choice for secretary.

The change means the bill must go back to the Assembly for approval.

Gov. Jim Doyle has said he doesn’t support board appointment, meaning a veto is likely

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